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For over 2 decades, the JJ Group has been a leading bespoke decking company in Kent, as well as general carpentry solutions in the South East of England. In addition to our expertise in crafting beautiful bespoke furniture, we also specialise in the innovative design, construction and installation of bespoke decking, guaranteed to enhance your outdoor space.

Create the dream garden

At the JJ Group, we strive for perfection in every project we undertake. Employing a team of well-versed professionals who together possess a wealth of experience and expertise is the first step taken to achieve this. Our decking solutions seamlessly blend functionality and style, creating an inviting platform for entertaining guests, unwinding, or providing a safe and slip-resistant play area for children.

Every decking project we complete is a masterpiece, designed and meticulously crafted to your exact specifications and to perfectly fit your space. Our seasoned carpenters possess the expertise to seamlessly integrate curves and shapes that harmonise with your existing landscape. Expect minimal disruption during the delivery and installation process, as our professional team prioritises your convenience and satisfaction throughout!

Decking Options For All Budgets

Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of traditional timber decking or the contemporary allure of composite decking, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations as well as budget.

Decking offers an array of design possibilities that surpass the limitations of stone patios. Decks don’t necessarily need to be installed directly from your house. Embrace your creativity with multi-level structures, graceful curves, or landscape an area of lawn. Can you picture a summer house or perhaps an alfresco dining area in your garden? Decking serves as an excellent solution!

Bespoke Decking Company in Kent

Along with decking, when it comes to the exterior of your home, we design and build balconies, balustrades as well as windows and conservatories. All bespoke and in whatever finish you would like. We have our on in-house spray booth whether all wood can be sprayed to whatever colour and finish you would like.

Get in Touch

Our exceptional services extend throughout the entire South East of England, embracing East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and London. If you dream of an exclusive, tailor-made decking design that epitomises elegance and sophistication for your garden, and are looking for a bespoke decking company in Kent, we invite you to initiate a conversation with our team.

Call our dedicated line at 01435 864861, and our friendly staff will gladly address your queries. Alternatively, you can explore further details by sending an email to Let us transform your outdoor space into a testament to bespoke craftsmanship and refined aesthetics.

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