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Bespoke Designs are our passion. By starting off small with Alan as a sole trader, he firmly set his roots in the ground with what he created and the company has now become a well established business, specialising in a bespoke design and build service for all aspects of your home.

An Eye For Design

Alan has now designed several high end projects for clients in London, as part of large renovations. In addition to this we continue to work with clients close to our Heathfield workshop and across Kent & Sussex. There is no limit to the design work – Alan’s designs are used globally.

Alan works closely with interior designers and the architects on each project, ultimately running them and solving any problems before they happened. This skill comes from not just designing pieces but also having years of first hand experience of manufacturing and fitting them also.

Alan is extremely good at visualising the end product before it is even designed! By having this skill he can always see the pitfalls before they occur, finding a solution for them and overcoming any possible problem before it is even a thing.

The JJ Group

The JJ Group is fortunate to also have a great team. Matt is our Contracts Manager and Sam is Site Foreman. Louise, pictured above has been COO for several years and, working closely with Alan, oversees internal and external operations. Thanks to this dynamic set up, we are able to offer our clients a 360 service, taking the stress out of big projects. Some refurbishments require the client to liaise with several contractors, with us we oversee the whole thing from start to finish.

bespoke designs
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How It Works

Once a design has been created, Alan will show the client his ideas, and once everything has been agreed upon, the next stage is sourcing materials. If the project is a large conversion, it would start with all the large pieces, gradually coming down to the fine detail. Does the customer like glass, wood, quartz, granite, where should the walls be, which room is south or north facing, marble quartz or wood worktops, what door fronts should they be made from, what colours, ironmongery…the list goes on. There is so much detail to be decided and agreed upon and Alan will carefully guide customers through this, giving his thoughts as well as taking into consideration what the client wants. How much detail is given at which stage, will depend on each customer and how much they can agree on at each point in time!

Here is a detailed example of the sort of work we do:

It is important that the finished design and all detail are discussed, finalised and agreed. Changes at a later stage can be costly and take time to implement, so it is important this stage is fully agreed upon!

All the detailed information and plans are then passed over to Matt, the Contracts Manager and Sam, the Site Foreman. Where possible the same team will remain on a project from concept to completion.

Alan loves all of this work, which is why the company has grown and become more successful every year. By creating a piece of furniture or whole floor of a house that now “works” will always give him immense pride and satisfaction. From kitchens to wardrobes to staircases to extensions and house refurbishments, every project is different.

How can we help you?

What bespoke designs would you like? How can we help you to create something wonderful within your home?

Perhaps you want some special detailing to store some valuable watches or other jewellery that has sentimental value. Or maybe you have a large family and need masses of shoe storage. Or perhaps your kitchen just didn’t work for you and you want to knock walls down and move rooms to a different part of the house, opening up space and bringing in more light.

The lists and options are endless and Alan helps you to visualise how your life can change for the better by making either subtle or really large changes to your home.

Why we are different

If you as a customer can imagine something then we can build it. Nothing is “off the shelf” – it is all bespoke and this is our dream, to create something magical within your home, helping you to fall in love with it once again.

Alan loves to have the creative freedom to just visualise how something could look, what it could be built in, how it would be finished and how you will then love it for a very long time.

Alan, along with his whole team at The JJ Group will design and build your dreams for you. If you can imagine it, then we can design, build and install it.

Our vision is to create the most compelling Carpentry and Joinery Company where customers can enjoy the freedom of expressing total individuality within their specified space…

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