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The JJ Group have been offering and delivering joinery and carpentry services to customers throughout the South East of England for over 25 years now. Our expert team are some of the most talented bespoke furniture makers in Kent.

When furnishing your home, the pieces you choose are often the most important, regardless of the size of the space. To ensure all areas of our home are utilised, bespoke furniture can be a great solution as they fit perfectly to maximise the available space. Ill-fitting and awkward items can make even a large area look cluttered and overcrowded.

The JJ Group

Furniture Designs By Commission

When it comes to bespoke furniture, having a clear idea of what you want is crucial. Our designers understand this and it’s why we provide unique commissions tailored to your exact specifications. In addition to giving you the perfect piece of furniture, we also make sure that there is space for our creativity to show throughout the process. We want to work closely with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of what it is you require from the piece. We will then generate designs that fit your vision and specific style perfectly.

The team is incredibly proud of all the work produced in our workshop. Every item that emerges from our doors has been carefully crafted to the highest of standards. No single piece of furniture can be relied on to elevate the aesthetics or functionality of your home. This is why we put the same level of attention to detail to whatever type of furniture you require.

What We Offer

We also design and create beautiful and timeless kitchens as well as bespoke office furnituredressing roomsfitted wardrobes and tailormade cabinetry. As well as building and hanging internal doors and external doors, we also work with interior and exterior staircases. Then on the larger scale of works, we can completely transform your home with either a full extension or perhaps refurbishment of your home, knocking down walls and creating a different living space. Then when it comes to the exterior, we design and build bespoke decking projects balconies, balustrades as well as windows and conservatories. Everything is bespoke and in whatever finish you would like.

Bespoke Furniture Makers in Kent

If you’re looking for a skilled team of bespoke furniture makers in Kent and the surrounding areas, including East SussexWest Sussex, Surrey, & London, don’t hesitate to get in touch. To find out more about our work and the services we can offer please either call us on 01435 864861 or email for more information.

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