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The JJ Group have been providing handmade bespoke kitchens in Kent for over 25 years. We have developed a breadth of experience in providing the finest joinery and carpentry services to customers right across the South East of England.

Everything that leaves our workshop we are incredibly proud of. There are no standard sizes for the items we produce. All our units are completely tailored and made to measure. This ensures that you have a bespoke kitchen that fully exceeds the style, available space as well as your needs.

Bespoke kitchen designs

We believe that the most effective way to ensure you have a kitchen you are thrilled with is to work with you from start to finish. Based on your initial ideas and thoughts, as week as any restrictions your space has, we will design an initial specification. This will be referred back to at every stage of production. We are also more than willing to work alongside your architect or building contractor to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We use the highest quality materials available. For example, birch ply is used for the carcasses and the fronts are dependent on client specification but can include maple, walnut or cherry. To ensure our kitchens last the test of time every surface is coated in a clear protective spray, in our own on-site spray booth, giving a more professional finish than being painted by hand.

Once the kitchen has been finished in our workshop it is wrapped and delivered to the client. Here it will then be installed by a chosen JJ team or by the building contractors managing the job.

Want to work with us?

As mentioned, we have been delivering bespoke handmade kitchens to our customers throughout the South East of England, including East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London for decades.

Our expertise expands further than kitchens. We have an extremely experienced and talented team of professionals who are all well-versed in every one of our services. Our line of work covers everything from listed buildings to new builds as well as gardens and external buildings. Our portfolio includes repair and decoration of existing windows and doors as well as complete re-fits.

On top of designing and creating beautiful and timeless kitchens, we also offer bathroomsoffice furnituredressing rooms, fitted wardrobes and tailormade cabinetry. As well as building and hanging internal doors and external doors, we also work with interior and exterior staircases. Then on the larger scale of works, we can completely transform your home with either a full extension or perhaps refurbishment of your home, knocking down walls and creating a different living space. Then when it comes to the exterior, we design and build bespoke decking projects, balconies, balustrades as well as windows and conservatories. Everything is bespoke and in whatever finish you would like.

If you’re looking for a company who can flawlessly carry out every stage of production for bespoke handmade kitchens in Kent, then please get in touch. Please either call us on 01435 864861email us or fill in our contact form and someone will get right back to you.

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