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A Highly Qualified Dedicated Carpenter

The JJ Group are launching a Professional Daily Carpentry Service in and around East Sussex. We’ve carried the same level of attention to detail and quality that we use on our larger jobs over to this new service.

The aim of this service is to offer a financially viable option for those who require an experienced professional carpenter in their home to carry out smaller jobs. It is perfect for when a whole team isn’t necessary but you still desire the reassurance you get from working with a credible, established company. 

With The JJ Group, there is no job too big or too little. Our experienced carpenters are equipped to handle all your carpentry needs. From hanging doors to completing repair work, managing minor rot repairs, door stripping or re-decorating. We will still supply the most excellent customer service and the JJ Group will still be fully accountable for the standard of work.

Hanging Doors

Hanging doors may seem like an easy task to complete. However, we fully understand that there are very fine margins of error. It’s critical a door is hung correctly to ensure they function correctly and look great. Our carpenters have the skills and experience necessary to hang any type of door. Whether it’s an interior or exterior door, we will ensure a seamless and precise installation.

Repair Work

We know that over time, wear and tear can cause damage. There are very few items excluded from this. From doors and windows to wooden furniture, our carpenters are trained to repair any sort of damage. If your cupboards have stiff or squeaky hinges or are completely damaged, we will ensure your property is left functioning correctly and looking as best as possible!

Minor Rot Repairs

Rot is one of the most dangerous things affecting the integrity of your building. It can cause  significant damage to wooden structures that only worsen over time without adequate attention. Our team or equipped to handle minor rot repairs, making sure your carpentry is in top condition and secure. Obviously if the project is larger than this, we will quote for our team to come in.

Get in touch today!

The JJ Group are dedicated to providing top-notch carpentry services at competitive prices. If you have any jobs that have been niggling that you’ve not got around to doing, or are perhaps beyond your capabilities, then please get in touch.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your next carpentry project. Send an email to or give us a call at 01435 864861. A member of the team will then be in touch shortly.

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