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Porch Redesign and Installation

For this project, the client approached us to redesign and install a new porch area. They required a brighter and more inviting porch. Additionally, they also wanted us to incorporate a small seating area and ample storage for shoes and boots. We have over 25 years of experience in delivering the finest joinery and carpentry work in the South East of England. We have an extremely talented team of specialists for this kind of work and their expertise was really displayed throughout this project.


The existing porch area at this property was in need of some well-overdue tender love and care.

The walls needed some attention. The exposed painted brickwork was looking old and dull. It was not the aesthetic the client was looking for with their porch. There was also an exposed pipe that was an eyesore that required boxing in.

The existing cupboard was looking tired and was essentially falling apart. This piece of fitted furniture was in desperate need of an overall update, that would provide sufficient storage solutions for walking boots.

We worked closely with our client on a design brief that fitted the unique space as well as any needs going forward. After establishing what they were looking for, The JJ Group began developing a solution.


We began the renovations by removing the old cupboard and replastering the wall. We also touched up the existing paintwork on the walls.

A brand new stone tile floor was also fitted along with the concealment of the pipe with an easy access panel at the front, in case any maintenance work was required in the future.

We then installed the new storage cupboard, bespoke for this unique and somewhat awkward space. The piece featured soft close hinges and was finished with a pair of stylish brass knobs. Bespoke furniture such as this, whether freestanding or fitted, is what we do best!

On top of the first unit, we installed a second smaller unit with the aim of creating a seating area for removing boots. It featured a bottom-hinged door to allow for storage, keeping the area free from clutter as well as utilising an otherwise dead space.

Porch Redesign

We have a team of professionals who take great amounts of pride in the work they complete. We understand that people work with us because of our outstanding reputation, and we want to uphold that.

On top of outstanding redesign and installation work, we also carry out restoration jobs of existing furniture.

If you are interested in porch redesign and installation, or any other room, please get in touch.

To find out more about the JJ Group please either call us on 01435 864861 or email for more information.

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