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Utility Room Installation

The JJ Group recently carried out a utility room installation, showcasing our expertise in complete redesign, manufacture, painting, and installation. Utility rooms are essential spaces in modern homes, providing a dedicated area for appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers, as well as storage for items not needed daily in the kitchen.

Recognising the importance of this space, our client sought to optimise their utility room with customised shelving and storage solutions. They required sturdy and secure shelving, along with adjustable shelves for flexibility. Aesthetic appeal and durability were also key considerations in this new utility room installation.

JJ Group’s Approach

The JJ Group were tasked with designing and installing bespoke shelving and storage units that met the client’s specifications. Our solution focused on maximising storage while ensuring the design was both functional and stylish.

Our design included accommodation for underfloor heating and existing plug sockets. We incorporated access cut-outs at the rear of the lower units, ensuring that these essential features remained accessible without compromising the storage capacity.

Design and Installation Process

We installed shelving units fixed to the wall, providing extra security and support. This approach ensures the stability of the shelves, making them safe for storing heavy items. The shelving units featured adjustable-height shelves, allowing the client to reconfigure the storage space as their needs change. This flexibility is particularly useful for accommodating different sizes of items over time.

The shelving units were spray-finished in white, providing a clean and stylish look that complements the existing décor. For the interior parts, which are less visible, we used a clear-coated lacquer. This finish protects the timber, enhancing the longevity of the units.

The worktop was built in oak, salvaged, and treated with Danish oil to enhance its natural colour and grain. This not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides a durable and deep surface for sorting laundry or unloading shopping.

We designed the layout to include space for a large freestanding fridge freezer and an under-counter wine fridge, ideal for the client’s current lifestyle needs. This thoughtful planning ensures that all appliances fit seamlessly into the utility room without crowding the space.

Client’s Existing Features and Final Outcome

The client’s utility room already featured beautiful flooring and sage-painted walls. Our bespoke units complemented these existing elements perfectly, creating a cohesive and attractive space. The final result is a highly functional and visually appealing utility room that maximises storage and meets all the client’s needs.

Looking for Utility Room Installation?

If you’re looking to optimise your space with a utility room installation that features custom cabinetry, then please contact us. Our workshop designs and manufactures bespoke storage solutions, also offering supply-only services nationally and supply and fit services across the south-east of the UK.

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