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There is so much to take into consideration when undergoing a project as gargantuan as an extension. Let’s discuss and answer the question – what extension would work for me? An extension can be a large investment but can add huge amounts of value to a property.

What Extension Would Work For Me?

The JJ Group has over 25 years of experience delivering the finest joinery and carpentry services to customers in the South East of England. Over the years we have independently designed, created and installed many different types of stunning extensions in various styles.

Here at the JJ Group, we understand that the quality of the final product is critical. Extensions could potentially be the field in which this is most prominent. We believe everything should be made bespoke and made to measure. There is simply no such thing as a standard size. This is why everything we design is done so from scratch, and in-house, by our trained professionals.

What Extension Would Work For Me?

Space requirements

The most prominent thing to take into consideration when planning an extension is the space required. You may also want to take into consideration how an extension would impact existing trees or natural features on the property. More importantly, however, it is key that all build regulations are met.

Depending upon local building regulations there will likely be specific guidelines that must be met in order for the extension to be carried out. For example property lines, neighbouring buildings, overlooking other properties and any public right-of-way access all need to be taken into serious consideration. Additionally, height restrictions may make an extension challenging in certain areas.

We recommend you consult with a professional as well as a local authority inspector from your local council who can outline the specific rules and regulations for your area.

All well-crafted extensions take into consideration what purpose the extended room will hold. Based on your initial thoughts and ideas, as well as the restrictions of your property, we will work with you to create a beautiful specification that we will refer back to during every stage of production.

Two Storey Extensions

Two storey extensions are most common when you are creating or extending bedrooms. Having an additional bedroom or even a larger master bedroom adds huge amounts of value to a home. A two-storey extension is the most effective way to maximise the space.

What Extension Would Work For Me?

Increased space in the master bedroom opens the door to a potential walk-in wardrobe or ensuite that can offer you that tranquil haven you always wanted. But think carefully about design; you may have one idea of how it could work, but Alan Hepden, our MD and inhouse designer may come up with a far better option for you! Carefully moving a cupboard, wall, staircase or room, can make the most amazing transformation that you may not have considered.

Single storey extensions

Despite this, if you believe just a single storey extension would be the more practical and cost effective option for your home, then they can offer huge amounts in terms of increasing the kitchen or dining area for example. This can be the more functional option for many homeowners as these are the rooms that are used most frequently. A single-storey extension also works well if you desire a more open-plan home. With open planned living, it may be that you would like to open everything up, but that your extension will be for a closed off utility room, downstairs cloakroom or perhaps boot room – the lists are endless as to the variations you could have.

What Extension Would Work For Me?

Alternatively, you may be wanting a larger lounge with perhaps bi-fold doors leading to a patio area. This can be a really grand addition to your home and help bring some natural light in. It all depends on where your rooms are situated; one of our specialties is moving rooms around and changing the layout, so please always speak with us about what you would really love the outcome to be. Internal refurbishments can make a huge statement within your home.

Loft Conversions

As long as space allows, then this could be a great option for your home. Many older properties as well as a lot of bungalows have massive loft spaces and really lend themselves to become a new bedroom suite. However, it can be tricky with some houses as the height doesn’t allow easily for an extension, or perhaps the roof would need changing to accommodate this. You also need to think about where your staircase will go – you would be surprised at how much headroom you will need to access a loft space.

Speak to us if a loft extension is something you are interested in and we can take a good look and advise accordingly.

What we offer

As mentioned we have huge amounts of experience in this field. We are able to carry out every stage of the extension even including the interior renovations. If required, we can strip floors and ceilings, knock down walls, put walls up, move staircases and create new spaces from scratch. We are more than willing to work alongside your architect and/or interior designer to create something truly special.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in finding out more feel free to get in touch. We operate throughout  South East of England, including East SussexWest Sussex, Surrey, Kent & London. Please either call us on 01435 864861 or email for more information.

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