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Utility rooms can be infinitely beneficial spaces for homeowners. Having the ability to hide away the evidence of everyday life and keep your living space neatly organised can be a dealbreaker for some buyers. Let’s discuss why creating a utility room would make the perfect addition to any home.

creating a utility room

Why bother creating a utility room?

Many homes are looking to introduce a more open plan. The major drawback to this is it becomes very difficult to keep the clutter behind closed doors. The most effective solution is to create a space with the purpose of hiding said clutter. Imagine how much additional space you’d free up in your kitchen by resituating the washing machine and tumble dryer, even the additional counter space you’ll create after finding a more permanent location for the bread maker. The less clutter in this space the more enjoyable the room will be to use.

Having all your appliances working away together not only makes you more productive but also ensures sound doesn’t bleed throughout the house. This can guarantee that you can enjoy a family meal without the whirring of a tumble dryer distracting you all.

creating a utility room

Where to fit a utility room?

Every person will have a different vision when it comes to the purpose of their utility room. The location of a utility room will determine how well the space solves that specific problem. Choosing the correct location maximises the practical benefits of creating a utility room and adds value for the homeowner.

It is incredibly common for utility rooms to be placed as close to the kitchen as possible. This makes huge amounts of sense when you take into consideration how you might use a utility room. If you’re planning on using the space to store the items that don’t fit elsewhere such as an ironing board or large cooking appliances it’s likely when you require these items you’ll need them in the kitchen.

creating a utility room

You could allocate part of your kitchen and fit a wall to separate the two sections. Alternatively, if you have a garage space that is connected to your home it is more than viable for you to knock down a wall and open up some of that unused space to create a utility room. This can be an incredibly useful solution if you’re already tight on space in the kitchen.

Creating a utility room on an external wall makes perfect sense and is the optimal location in our opinion. Not only does it reduce sound pollution throughout your home from appliances such as washing machines, but it can also allow for a door to the garden. This is great for those of us with pets, who detest the trail of muddy paw prints left throughout the house. Alternatively, it can also be equally useful for the more adventurous people who would take full advantage of a space to store their dirty coats and mud-covered boots before coming into the house.

We can install underfloor heating which means everything dries out nicely, including the dog! Plus if there is space, a dog shower or perhaps even a full-size shower is an extra benefit.

Can I fit a utility room upstairs?

If you believe that upstairs is the most practical location for your utility room then you should go with that. If you’re going to be using your utility room for washing, drying and ironing clothing then having the ability to easily redistribute laundry to the nearby bedrooms when it’s clean and dry is incredibly useful.

Creating a utility room with The JJ Group

Here at The JJ Group, we have thorough knowledge and experience when it comes to projects like creating a utility room within your home. We understand that the area needs to be multifunctional and easy to use. We also appreciate that you have unique requirements to fit your home. This is why we work with you during every step of production from the initial brief to the final manufacturing of any sort of cabinetry. This way you’re left with a space that excellently fits your needs.

A carefully planned beautifully designed utility room can transform the way you tackle chores. Making them not only easier to carry out but, on some occasions, enjoyable!

creating a utility room

Get in touch

If you are looking for a company who can offer you bespoke design and installation when creating a utility room please get in touch. Our reputation is extremely valuable to us, so we guarantee high-quality service every time.

If you have the units but require a fitter, our dedicated team of carpenters can come to your home to assemble a kitchen you purchased elsewhere. Being based in Heathfield means that many of our projects take place in East Sussex and the surrounding counties.

To find out more about our work and how we can help you, please either call us on 01435 864861email us or fill in our contact form and someone will get right back to you.

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