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The JJ Group has over 25 years of experience delivering the finest joinery and carpentry services to customers in the South East of England. As well as all other forms of bespoke furniture, we also design, create and hang internal doors

internal door

Hand built for you

It doesn’t matter what size your door frame is, we will design your door to fit the space.

As with exterior doors, the JJ Group can design any style of door to match your taste or the type of property.

Doors can be made from different types of wood to suit all budgets, from Tulipwood to oak.

What do you need?

We can match the design of existing doors if new ones are being hung during a partial renovation. Whether that’s just the handles or the tongue and groove design, or maybe even the colour.

We can assess what you already have and work towards matching them up. Or you may want to change them all.

Some people just don’t like their current doors and would like to change all of them to oak or a similar wood choice. This really changes the look and feel of your home, creating a more contemporary styling.

We could also replace old ironmongery which makes such a difference.

Internal Doors by The JJ Group

Your door design

Doors can be custom sized – you might want narrow double doors opening into a dressing room or wide ones opening into a dining room.

Perhaps it’s a door to go into a cupboard under the stairs and needs to be made to measure. Our team of expert joiners can build in our workshop ready to be fitted on site by our experienced carpenters.

Interested in finding out more?

We work with customers throughout the South East of England, including East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent & London.

If you are looking to design, create and have hung a set of internal doors, then we would love to chat further with you.

To find out more about our work please either call us on 01435 864861 or email for more information.

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