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The JJ Group has over 25 years of experience delivering the finest tailormade cabinetry to customers in the South East of England. We design, create and hand build many different pieces of furniture, including kitchens, wardrobes and staircases, as well as exterior balustrades, conservatories and windows.

Tailormade Cabinetry by The JJ Group

What bespoke, statement piece are you wanting?

A well-made piece of bespoke wooden furniture can become a statement in any room. So often with standard, factory made units one has to settle with dimensions or finish. At the JJ Group, we design and custom build furniture for the purpose you want, to the size you need.

For example, that might be a dresser in the kitchen of a large townhouse with a high ceiling. You’d want to make the dresser as tall as possible to make the most of the available height. You might also want the edging to replicate another unit in the room.

Your tailormade cabinetry design may be for the purposes of concealing appliances and require solid doors. Or it might be to display smart glassware and require internal lighting, glass doors and perhaps be something a bit more fancy.

Such units would be hard to come by ready made, which is where we come in.

What colour and finish would you like?

We will draw up any design and bring it to life from our Sussex workshop. We can advise on door front designs as well as type of softwood to suit your budget.

We also offer a bespoke cutting service so the edging can be finished in a design of your choice.

There is the option to have carcasses lipped with maple, giving a more superior finish. The unit will then be sprayed in our protective coating in-house in our spray booth, with the option to finish it in any colour or hand paint if preferred.  

Handpainted Furniture?

Hand painting or spraying? Both give a superior finish but different clients have different preferences. Spraying and painting is completed in our permanently set up spray booth, in-house at our site in Heathfield, East Sussex.

It definitely creates a more professional service than if it were done at a client’s premises in a temporary, pop-up booth.

The results will be amazing and we receive consistently excellent feedback, from customers who choose to have colour sprayed or hand painted furniture.

Interested in finding out more?

We work with customers throughout the South East of England, including East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent & London.

If you are looking to create a piece of bespoke tailored cabinetry then please get in touch..

To find out more about our work please either call us on 01435 864861 or email for more information.

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